About us

Our Organisation

Visitortrip is a faster way to search your visiting places. It simplifies your searching with as per your interest, distance, location and many more. It covers almost all selective places across all over India. It’s a guide for visitor inside India as well as visitors coming to India all across the world.

Visitortrip covers:

  • A simpler approach to finding all the selected places of attraction around India.
  • Clear and true Images of the places to make you choose for your best
  • Details pieces of information and history behind all places
  • A geographical map that takes you to the location in google map.

Our team

Mr. Bijay Kumar Sahoo
Mr. Ratikanta Rout
Mr. Chiranjibi Rout

This story of visitortrip is started on 16th March 2016 with a casual discussion about issues of finding places in India, so many places are still unknown to many peoples and it just because we don’t have a proper guidance for findings. And it’s here come with the solution to design a website that will help people know places around, find places and visit with your choice.

This idea comes at first to Mr. Ratikanta and its named to VisitorTrip by Mr. Bijay. This idea n has been successfully executed along with the mutual contribution of Mr. Chiranjibi.

we gather all visiting attraction across India and put it into a simpler, precise way that helps a visitor to find visiting attractions easily, quickly and with their interest of place type, location, season and more.

Future explore:

  • Facility to choose hotel nearest to the visiting location
  • Facility to find trip guide for your visits